Chain of Command

Mr. Edgar Romero, DoDEA employees official photo.

Mr. Edgar Romero

Unit 15007
USAG Humphreys
APO, AP 96271-5007
United States


School Contacts

Name Position Phone
Attendance Attendance 315-757-2127
Ms. Dionna Davis School Nurse/Health Aide 315-757-2111
Ms. Victoria De Boer Cafeteria 315-757-2113
Ms. Angi Duncan School Counselor 315-757-2118
Ms. Joyce Fointno School Counselor 315-757-2117
Ms. Jennifer Hwang Information Specialist 315-757-2725
Registrar Registrar 315-757-2710
School Psychologist School Psychologist 050-3357-2127
School Webmaster School Webmaster 050-3357-2127
Secretary School Secretary 315-757-2712
Student Transportation Office Transportation 05033-55-1230

School Hours

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